Tara Home Consulting, by Tarasea, was established in 2016 with the primary goal of assisting property managers in expanding or establishing their businesses.
Over the years, our services have extended to supporting individual property owners in maximizing the value of their investments.
We provide guidance on effective operations and strategies to make their properties stand out.Today, we are delighted to welcome new members who bring additional value to our community.



Cristiana CARPINI

Senior Board member - VR Specialist

I entered the industry by chance in 2007 and fell in love with it! Like all my colleagues, I started by practising from scratch.

I have been helping and assisting owners, giving advice on how to improve their performance and Over time I have specialised in growing companies around the world both in terms of numbers and turnover, starting with complete restructuring and leading them either to be well-known multinationals or to be sold for three times their initial value!

I am the Anbba delegate for Northern Italy together with Arianna (association of holiday homes in Italy) and teacher for property manager classes. You can find me as a speaker at the most important international events of the industry.

In my little spare time I love travelling, reading and photographic trekking.



Board Member - VR Specialist

In 1997, I started my career as a real estate agent in Sanremo, but only in 2014 did my focus shift to holiday homes. During the Italian music festival for artists and journalists, I emerged as one of the main accommodation providers.

The turning point came in 2016, when I joined forces with Cristiana, starting a collaboration to promote growth in northern Italy, expanding throughout Italy and then Europe.

My experience consists of assisting owners and managers of accommodation facilities in streamlining operational aspects, from bureaucratic tasks to laundry, from communication with guests to cleaning, all while guaranteeing high reviews.

As a delegate of ANBBA, the Italian association representing holiday home owners in northern Italy, I am actively engaged in influencing Italian policies related to our sector.

I have twin sons, so what is free time ?



Technical Project Manager

I started out as an electrical/electronics engineer specialising in the naval industry, for which I have worked since 2003.

In 2012, I opened the Tarasea technical consultancy company.

Being a homeowner myself, I obviously understand the importance of being able to manage consumption and security remotely, so I decided to combine My knowledge in a ships technical area with my  journey into the world of energy saving and home automation.

In my free time I am passionate about rock music and ski.




Senior Marketing Specialist

Marco is a senior creative in the field of digital communication and marketing.

As the founder of 7 Seconds Agency, he brings a comprehensive expertise and a strategic vision tailored to each need.

From consulting to the creation of impactful content (text, photo, video, etc.), his passion for innovation and creativity has contributed to making Marco a key player in the world of digital advertising.

With 20 years of experience, Marco brings recognized expertise and will be an essential player in the creation of your marketing content.



Senior Photographer

Alen is a professional photographer specializing in the fields of interior decoration, hospitality, and real estate.

With 20 years of experience in the field, he has worked with many prestigious clients, including hotels, concierges, and property managers.

Alen is passionate and recognized for his attention to detail and his ability to showcase each photographed property.

He is capable of working on projects of all sizes, types, and across the globe.

Always ready to take on new challenges, Alen is the ideal person if you are looking for a talented and experienced photographer for your project.



Marketing Specialist

Founder of Adjital Agency, Elyse is our social media specialist!

Because they are an integral part of your communication, it is important to take care of every detail of it.

Passionate about her job, she assists CEOs in the context of their communication & marketing strategy on the web. Visibility, brand marketing, lead generation etc. These are all objectives and parameters to consider in order to differentiate yourself and impact your target audience.

Through a personalized approach, Elyse takes care to understand the specific needs of each business, in order to implement an appropriate strategy aimed at effectively promoting your brands and products.



Administrative Management

Experienced, she is in charge of administrative and accounting management.

With unparalleled mastery of numbers, Sabrina ensures rigorous control of accounting, while ensuring precise management of the administrative part for her clients. Her unwavering proficiency in the use of Excel spreadsheets is a major asset for the smooth operation of a company.

Endowed with unwavering determination, she is committed to ensuring the regularity of payments and effectively resolving any situation.

Thanks to her unquestionable professionalism and unwavering commitment, Sabrina embodies the very essence of administrative and financial efficiency.



Established in 2017, Yes Consulting was founded to advise and work alongside management companies, on growth, technology and exit positioning, in the UK, Europe and the USA.

With a rich history of leisure management and technology companies, plus short-term urban and mid-term businesses, the founders and partners have enjoyed many successes.

The company is an advisor to a few select, larger, non-competing businesses but has also now partnered with a company that can provide services at the « coal face », with a hands-on approach to the complexity of short-term and vacation rentals.

Our recent strategic alliance with Tara Consulting an expert in these markets, with their deep knowledge of the challenges faced by businesses, expands both company’s reach, adding huge value and shared knowledge when serving clients.